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We shoot Maureen in Balcones Canyonlands, Texas and hang out with photographer Alex Kacha to shoot babes Becca and Brennan in Bull Creek. McNasty talks masturbation and dryspells. There's a recipe for the *only* caramel sauce you'll ever need, X by X with Eva and Mook, poetry by Haleigh Holt and Josh Boyd, a short story about a guy who will blow his load if he doesn't *blow his load* every few hours, beautiful photo-realistic art from Krista Smith, a guide to fucking your way through Vancouver by Sid Marcos and so, so, so much more sexy stuff. Help us celebrate 4 years by picking up a copy!


cover: Kelly Dugan and Laura McNairy


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  • All magazines are full sized 8.5 x 11, with 50-60 pages, digital full color, printed at Republic Print & Mail in Austin, Texas. Magazine will ship in 2-3 business weeks in a nondescript manila envelope via USPS.

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