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  • How do I get my ad in your magazine?
    You can fill out a application form here. There is a $1 nonrefundable application fee. You will receive a confirmation email that we have received your application. We will follow-up with a timeframe of when you will hear back. After your ad has been accepted, you have 7 days to complete payment.
  • Can I design my own ad? Can I use color?
    No, and no. The point of these ads is for lower budget businesses to shine a light on themselves in a classic way. Let us do the work for you! If you wish to purchase a full-page color ad that you design yourself, please email and we will let you know of prices and guidelines.
  • How many words can I use in my ad?
    $50 ad - 150 characters $100 ad - 300 characters $200 ad - 600 characters $500 ad - 1500 characters PLEASE NOTE - the addition of a logo/QR code/headline will alter the character allowance. If your selected size is not big enough for your content (*ahem*) you will be asked to select a bigger ad. This also goes for requested line breaks, larger fonts, etc. Helpful links: Free online character counter Create your own free QR code Create a free shorter website url
  • How many people will see my ad?
    We print 400 copies (or more!) of each issue. We wish we could tell you how many friends, lovers, neighbors each issue is shared with, but we can only estimate - a lot. In addition, our website gets on average 1,500 site sessions per month. Your ad will remain on our website for 6 months. We will also share your classified ad in our Instagram story, where we have 3,800 followers. So... that many people.
  • Is there any content not allowed in my classified ad?
    We don't think our bbs would do this, but obvi we will not accept ads that include racist, sexist, transphobic, or otherwise harmful content. Be cool and keep it in the spirit of Peach Fuzz. Per SESTA, ads for sex work will not be listed on our website (boo).
  • What are the Peach Fuzz classified ads?
    Intended for small businesses, our classified ads are printed in our magazines, as well as displayed on our website, and showcased on our instagram. Just like old school classified ads, printed in the back of the newspaper. Words and black and white logos only. Here is an example spread with prices starting at $50.
  • Can I buy a subscription if the mailing address is located outside of the United States?
    Unfortunately, no. Due to shipping costs, our subscription is only available for domestic orders.
  • What issue will my subscription start with?
    If you purchase your magazine subscription between August 1st - January 31, you will first receive our current year’s fall issue (October). If you purchase your magazine subscription between February 1 - July 31, you will first receive our current year’s spring issue (April). Note that this means you may have to wait if that issue has not been released yet.
  • How do I update my payment info or address?
    On our new handy dandy member log-in page, you can update your payment information, change your mailing address, see active subscriptions, and see past and current orders!
  • Can I pick up my subscription issue at the release parties?
    It’s so hard to keep track of this, so the answer is no! But now you can have fun and kiss strangers at our release parties without worrying about forgetting your magazine or rolling it up in your purse!
  • How is it delivered?
    We send out the magazine the first business week after the issue is released. It arrives in a manila envelope with “PEACH FUZZ MAGAZINE” on the mailing label. Please make sure to include any and all apartment numbers, duplex A or B, etc.
  • What does a Peach Fuzz subscription consist of?
    Your subscription will get you 2 magazines per year, as long we you pay for a subscription. We wanted to make it more cost-effective for our supporters! So essentially, we’ve split up the yearly cost of 2 magazines into $5 monthly payments. This price includes tax + domestic shipping & handling, so you’re also getting an 18% discount!
  • How do I cancel my subscription?
    To cancel your subscription, please email You will need to complete your current payments for any magazines you have received.
  • Can I just, like, give y’all money because I think y’all are amazing and I want to help pay all the amazing editors, contributors, models, photographers, etc??
    OMG YES PLEASE!!! You can PayPal us @peachfuzzmag in whatever amount your hearts desires.
  • Can I cancel after receiving a magazine, even if I haven’t made it to 6 months of $5 payments?
    Uhhhh no. Sorry! But we love you!
  • Can I buy a subscription as a gift?
    Duh of course! Just purchase a subscription, and fill out the mailing address for the giftee. If you have purchased both a subscription for yourself, and a subscription for a friend, please make sure to fill out the mailing address form for both subscriptions!
  • How do I submit to Peach Fuzz?
    Please upload submissions via the form below. Make sure to include your preferred artist name, the title of the work(s) you're submitting, the type of submission, and a good contact email where we can get in touch with you. You can also add your website and/or Instagram/Twitter handles, which we'll include on the magazine Contributor’s Page if your work is chosen. We don't print full contributor bios in the magazine, but feel free to tell us more about yourself or your work if you'd like -- we love hearing from you! You may upload up to 3 supported document files (such as doc or pdf files) and/or up to 3 supported image files (such as jpg, png, or tif files) at a time. See the form upload options for more info about file types and sizes. Artwork needs to be at least 300 DPI. We review submissions for two issues each year (one in the spring and one in the fall). We will reach out to let you know if we'd like to include your work in an upcoming issue. We try our best to respond to every submission, but feel free to send us an email at if you haven't heard from us in a while or if you need to withdraw a submission. Questions about submissions? Issues with the submission form? Please contact
  • When are the submission periods?
    We are open for submissions year-round. We review submissions for two issues each year: one in the spring and one in the fall. You can find the submission deadline for the upcoming issue at the top of this page. We do accept simultaneous submissions. Please just let us know as soon as possible if your work has been accepted elsewhere.
  • How do I submit my own photography?
    Peach Fuzz photo shoots are curated in-house, although we occasionally accept outside photo-editorial submissions. Photographers who wish to be considered: email portfolios to Keep in mind that Peach Fuzz only shoots analog photography!
  • What kind of work does Peach Fuzz publish?
    We publish writing and artwork of all kinds. Submissions don’t need to be strictly sexual in nature – anything pertaining to the human condition will be considered. Writing Writing we publish includes (but isn’t limited to) smutty editorials, erotic flash fiction, research-based articles, thoughtful op-eds, long verse poetry, haikus about your first butt plug, etc. We don’t have a firm word count limit, but we are a print magazine with limited space. Typically, the work we publish is under 5,000 words, and the majority of pieces are much shorter than that. Artwork Artwork we publish includes (but isn’t limited to) paintings, comics, illustrations, watercolor, collage, mixed-media, digital graphics, drawings, exquisitely executed glitter gel pen doodles of boobs, etc. Artwork files must be at least 300 DPI.
  • How do I submit for modeling or X by X features?
    Models who wish to be considered: email portfolios (need not be professional) to Please send at least one general bodyshot (need not be nude) and a clear face shot so we get a good idea of your look! X by X is a unique photo editorial in each issue wherein a lover photographs their lover, independently of us, using a film camera. Email if you and your lover(s) would like to participate.
  • How much does Peach Fuzz pay?
    Compensation is based on the length and type of submission: Research-based articles & long fiction // 1500 word minimum // $30 Op-eds, short fiction & open verse // 500-1500 words // $20 Poetry // sliding scale // $10 to $15 to be discussed in email correspondence Customized illustration // $20 All other artwork // sliding scale // $10 to $15 to be discussed in email correspondence All published contributors will receive a special discounted artist rate for the issue in which their work appears.
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