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  • Can I buy a subscription if the mailing address is located outside of the United States?
    Unfortunately, no. Due to shipping costs, our subscription is only available for domestic orders.
  • What issue will my subscription start with?
    If you purchase your magazine subscription between August 1st - January 31, you will first receive our current year’s fall issue (October). If you purchase your magazine subscription between February 1 - July 31, you will first receive our current year’s spring issue (April). Note that this means you may have to wait if that issue has not been released yet.
  • How do I update my payment info or address?
    On our new handy dandy member log-in page, you can update your payment information, change your mailing address, see active subscriptions, and see past and current orders!
  • Can I pick up my subscription issue at the release parties?
    It’s so hard to keep track of this, so the answer is no! But now you can have fun and kiss strangers at our release parties without worrying about forgetting your magazine or rolling it up in your purse!
  • How is it delivered?
    We send out the magazine the first business week after the issue is released. It arrives in a manila envelope with “PEACH FUZZ MAGAZINE” on the mailing label. Please make sure to include any and all apartment numbers, duplex A or B, etc.
  • What am I paying for?
    We want to make it more cost-effective for our supporters! So essentially, we’ve split up the yearly cost of 2 magazines into $5 monthly payments. This price includes tax + domestic shipping & handling, so you’re also getting an 18% discount!
  • How do I cancel my subscription?
    To cancel your subscription, please email You will need to complete your current payments for any magazines you have received.
  • Can I just, like, give y’all money because I think y’all are amazing and I want to help pay all the amazing editors, contributors, models, photographers, etc??
    OMG YES PLEASE!!! You can PayPal us @peachfuzzmag in whatever amount your hearts desires.
  • Can I cancel after receiving a magazine, even if I haven’t made it to 6 months of $5 payments?
    Uhhhh no. Sorry! But we love you!
  • Can I buy a subscription as a gift?
    Duh of course! Just purchase a subscription, and fill out the mailing address for the giftee. If you have purchased both a subscription for yourself, and a subscription for a friend, please make sure to fill out the mailing address form for both subscriptions!
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