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Founded in 2013 by editor-in-chief Kelly Dugan and assistant editor Laura McNairy, Peach Fuzz is a shameless celebration of sex + art. A throwback to the old school nudie mag, with diverse bodies and open conversation about sexuality and the human condition.

Basically, we love sex and the naked body.  And we understand that when a healthy and open conversation can be had about healthy and open sex, we are paving the way for a healthy and open culture! And that's a beautiful thing.


Our magazine - much like our sexual culture - is always evolving. In any given issue, you'll find: original photo-editorials with all sorts of amazing babes, erotic poetry, short stories, sexy comic strips, controversial articles, visual art of all media, and a tasty "last bite" featuring a fun and seasonal dessert recipe from our resident pastry chef. The magazine is only available in print, and every photo in the magazine is only shot on film. I guess we're a little old school like that.

Peach Fuzz in printed biannually, in editions of 350 at Republic Print & Mail in Austin, Texas and ships and distributes internationally. 

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