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Peach Fuzz headed to The Big Apple to... get naked, duh.

We got naked (and ball gagged) in Prospect Park with Ian Reid, got naked and wine drunk on rooftops in the West Village, then got naked and hula hooped amongst dandelions just outside of Woodstock. Basically, we got naked. A lot.

Volume 2 Issue 4 is full of all this, and more!

+ McNasty kills someone girlfriend (in a dream, of course.)
+ Ian Reid talks about feminism within the context of BDSM
+ Short fiction about sticking ice up your ass? Yeah, we got that, too.
+ Another Pixxxelated Pussy segment on why dating sucks, especially if you're a sexcammer
+ X BY X: Relle by Karmen
+ The Last Bite: Asparagus Tart
+ Plus poetry, illustration, and so much more!




Out of Stock
  • All magazines are full sized 8.5 x 11, with 50-60 pages, digital full color, printed at Republic Print & Mail in Austin, Texas. Magazine will ship in 1-2 business weeks in a nondescript manila envelope via USPS. 

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