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Hello 27th issue of Peach Fuzz!!! Volume 10 issue 1 featuring ::


~ sweet angel baby Blair Carter for Blair Next Door by photographer Amanda Aguirre ~ Justina and Andrea take on that rough n' sexy Texas terrain by photographer Jay Ybarra ~ weird typewriter poetry ~ weird computer poetry ~ all the poetry ~ queer quarantine short fiction (try saying that 3 times fast) ~ farm fresh fun out at Steelbow Farm and some naked friends from our very first few issues ~ a braised greens and prosciutto galette recipe ~ all of the art ~ AND SO MUCH MORE Y'ALL ~


Magazine will be released on November 4th at Cheer Up Charlie's in Austin. All online pre-orders will be sent out on November 7th.


  • All magazines are full sized 8.5 x 11, with 50-60 pages, digital full color, printed at Republic Print & Mail in Austin, Texas. Magazine will ship in 2-3 business weeks in a nondescript manila envelope via USPS.

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