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C U M  P L A Y  W I T H  U S -

P E A C H  F U Z Z  J O B  O P E N I N G S!

A D  S A L E S  R E P


Do you thrive in networking situations? Are you the person always introducing your crazy, sexy, cool friends to your other crazy, sexy, cool friends? Do you believe in sex/body/babe positivity that centers around inclusivity and having fun? Can you sell the shit out of things you believe in? Yeah?! Come work with us!

As a Peach Fuzz Ad Sales Rep, you will oversee all sponsorship opportunities for outside brands to be featured in the magazine. Your duties will involve reaching out to like-minded companies that share forward-thinking and creative ideals, securing full page spreads by rolling deadlines, and helping to create seamless content in our print-only nudie mag! This is a commission-based position.



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